Obama Chia?!…Really?!?!

Now I’ve tried my best to understand why in the hell they would make and try to sell an Obama chia as “patriotic”…but I just can’t. It can only be one of two things:

1) They are simply trying to capitalize off the historical event…just like the idiots selling commemorative Obama coins or plates. If so, I can’t be mad at them…ashamed at how low Americans will go to make a buck, yes…but not mad. Hell, similar things happened after 9/11, with people selling flags on the street and tons of crap with the image of the towers…disgraceful in my opinion, but oh well.

2) The company is owned by some extreme right-wing nut or outright racist, who is actually mocking the first black president. I mean honestly…does Obama have a Buckwheat-style afro? Does the face even look like him? Or is it just an image of a stereotypical black guy.

I’m thinking #1 is the reason, but I can’t understand how no one in the Chia head office (if there is such a thing) thought that putting this out WOULDN’T offend people. So obviously they didn’t care. It’s not like tons of people are still buying Chia pets…maybe they were hoping they could make some quick cash. Cash from those who don’t like Obama…not his policies or ideas, but the man himself. So great move Chia! Way to market to the assholes, right-wing nuts, and racists.


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I live in the awesome city of Austin, TX and work for Canonical, sponsors of the best damn operating system in the world...Ubuntu.

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