Celtx: An example of why Ubuntu is cool.

Do you know what Celtx is? I didn’t until one of my best friends was asking me about switching to Ubuntu. You see, he’s a screenwriter and was looking at getting a new computer. Like most artists, he has been using a Mac, but didn’t want to shell out the big bucks for a new one…and can’t stand Windows. He was thinking about getting an Acer netbook, but REALLY didn’t want to use Windows, and asked me about Ubuntu. I immediately told him about Ubuntu Netbook Remix and even showed him the latest 9.10 Beta running on a Dell Mini…he was hooked. He liked the “mac-ness” of it and the look-and-feel of netbook-launcher.

The deal was almost closed :P, however the ONLY concern was whether or not there was a good screenwriting application for Linux. I tried checking our software repository…no dice, damn! So I went to Google with “Linux screenwriting”, and Celtx popped up. “I’ve heard of that…it’s pretty good”, he said. Bingo! I checked out http://www.celtx.com and they had a Linux download (yay!), but it was in .tgz form (boo!). While I think he could handle this, I didn’t want to scare my friend away from using Linux by forcing him to install an app from a .tgz file.

This where the beauty of the Ubuntu community comes in. I went to Launchpad did a search for celtx…Kaching! It was already packaged and ready to go…even for 9.10 beta! I showed him how easy it was to add the PPA and install. A few minutes later, he was running celtx and checking out the features. Finally, I heard confirmation of the sale, “Yeah…this is gonna work nice.”

So he went from loathing the purchase of an overpriced Mac or underperforming Windows netbook, to being happy with the perfect solution…Ubuntu.


About Robbie

I live in the awesome city of Austin, TX and work for Canonical, sponsors of the best damn operating system in the world...Ubuntu.

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  1. I’ve used Celtx off and on and love it! I don’t do any serious screenwriting, but it’s nice and its interface actually works perfectly with Gnome. I’m impressed with Celtx and the community for releasing it for Linux and providing a repo and .debs. Very nice stuff. =]

  2. I think Celtx is very good and very useful…

  3. Just how do you add the PPA and install !? I wish you my friend…

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