Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) is released

Judging from the few reviews I’ve already read, it seems that Ubuntu 9.10 is a “good” karma release.  In Hinduism, everything that we have ever thought, spoken, done or caused is Karma.   Karma is produced in four ways: through thoughts, words, actions that we perform ourselves, and actions others do under our instructions.  As humans, we have the opportunity to speed up our spiritual progress with practice of good Karma.  Conversely, we produce negative karma because we lack knowledge and clarity.[1]  We can directly map this concept to the goodness we are seeing in the 9.10 release:

  • Thoughts: We carefully planned what features we wanted and did not want to deliver in 9.10, considering what users needed, wanted, and wished for.
  • Words: We then proceeded to think about how our features would be designed aesthetically and technically, as well as how they would be implemented, putting these plans into words via blueprints.
  • Our Actions:  We put forward these ideas at UDS, taking in input from others in the community, decided on what we would deliver and went forward in our engineering and design endeavors.
  • Others Actions We’ve Inspired: Obviously, Canonical could never deliver a single release without the contributions from our community, Debian, upstream maintainers, and fans of opensource in general.  All of these contributions are inspired by the Ubuntu philosophy, of which we try to adhere to in everything we do.

I’m extremely proud of this complete body of work we call the Karmic Koala, and humbled to be part of the community that delivered it.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karma


About Robbie

I live in the awesome city of Austin, TX and work for Canonical, sponsors of the best damn operating system in the world...Ubuntu.

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