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Don’t Hate the Playa…Hate the Game!

So I was reading a recent article in NetworkWorld where once again, the “Canonical doesn’t give back” bullshit is raised.  The author seems to take a couple “jabs”  by bringing up Greg K-H’s infamous plumbers rant talk, the fact that Microsoft is in the top 10 of kernel contributors (and Canonical isn’t even top 30), and even says Canonical is unprofitable as “general understanding”…nice, thanks!  Thankfully, it seems from the comments, that people see this as the sensationalized, we-need-click-through-traffic journalism it is.  I could go into an epic long posting of how wrong the basis for the “doesn’t give back” argument is, or take jabs at other distros profitability, how they got there or why they were sold…but I won’t.  Instead, I’d like to issue a bit of urban education on those of you who seem to hate Canonical/Ubuntu because it succeeds where others have failed.

Don’t Hate the Playa….Hate the Game!

Seriously.  I just recently discovered I was a hater myself.  If you ask my wife my reaction to an iPhone or iPad commercial, she’ll tell you that I get visibly irritated.  At first I thought it was because I felt Apple seems to appeal to the elite, or that they seem to sell their products as life changing devices that only the cool people have….and I have a tendency to hate exclusion (probably b/c I was that black, overweight band nerd/computer geek in a predominantly white school growing up, and one tends to have issues with those who exclude after that….but I’ll spare you my self-therapy posting :-P).  However, after watching a CNBC special on Steve Jobs (before the retirement announcement/insanity),  and then reading all the articles about Jobs once he announced his stepdown as CEO, I got to thinking….why should I dislike a man/company that succeeded where others before have failed….even if those others invented the PC-era or help lead the revolution into a desktop-based operating system.  I mean, why should I have less respect for Apple because they decided to move past the old paradigms of just making the computer faster, or the OS easier to run applications…to being something easier for people to use….something that helps define who they are?  Hell…that’s brilliance!

Bottom Line:  Just because someone or some company succeeds with less perceived effort/people, more funding, in a faster time, or in a better organizational model than you, don’t blame them for it….blame yourself for not adjusting better/faster to win the game.