Juju is just too damn easy!

The title says it all.  If I can pick it up in a few days…anybody can ;-).  From locally via LXC to an AWS API compatible cloud to even bare metal via Ubuntu OrchestraJuju makes deploying/controlling/scaling services insanely simple.  Over my holiday break I felt the need to create a video homage to show just how easy it is…and so I present the following…I chose to deploy ThinkUp (because it’s awesome) with a fitting music track from the Commordores.  Enjoy!

If I find time, I’ll create another with hadoop…music and theme TBD 😛


About Robbie

I live in the awesome city of Austin, TX and work for Canonical, sponsors of the best damn operating system in the world...Ubuntu.

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  1. Music is blocked in Germany..

  2. Sorry…not much I can legally do about it. Maybe try searching for the song and just play in the background…should sync up ;).

  3. Unfortunately the whole video gets blocked because of the music 😦

  4. consider posting a version of the video without an audio track or with an audio track that is appropriately licensed for redistribution such as CC BY-SA. Either of those actions would be sufficient to handle the copyright issues inherent with music you choice to include.

    I shouldn’t have to tell a manager at Canonical this, but you’ve violated the copyrights of the music artists by publishing your video with their work included without permission. You could not for example publish this video for download on U1 legally. By adding that piece of music to the video you’ve severely restricted redistribution of the video itself even if your video content was CC licensed, the music you picked is not..so the combine work itself is not.

    You are relying on Youtube’s standing copyright license with the music publisher in order to work around the fact that you violated the copyright license yourself in the creation and distribution of the video when choosing that music without first making sure its was correctly licensed. As a rep of Canonical, you should probably avoid doing that sort of blatant copyright violation when touting an openly licensed technology solution. It looks really unprofessional.


  5. Jef…yawn.

  6. Yes copyright is tediously boring, doesn’t change the reality of the situation. You could still choose to upload a version of the video with the audio track stripped as alternative for those people who are being stimied by the pirated audio track. Do you need help with that? I can give you a commandline script using gstreamer based pipelines that will strip audio from the source video for you or a mencoder command if that is preferable.


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